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Northeast HVAC News Guest Columns


Marketing in the PHCE industry: The Circles.
By Nancy O’Hare-Zika

MARKETING…. A word that can bring even the strongest of business owners to their knees… or at least that used to be the case.

How to set the perfect pricing strategy for small and medium-sized business (SMB).
Most contractors (even me!) never know how much to charge, or what their overhead is. We just say, “I’d like to make 30% on this job.” The question is whether 30% enough — or is it too much?
3 Things Contractors Should Know About Energy-Efficient HVAC
Homeowners now trend toward greener practices, and the HVAC system is no exception. With the appeal of potential tax credits or rebates, guaranteed utility savings, and the benefit to the environment, more people are making the switch to energy-efficient units.
Does Marketing Work for HVAC Companies?
The age-old question every HVAC business owner has wanted to know (besides how to find a quality service tech). It more than likely repeats itself every single time a bill comes in from YP, The Newspaper, Redplum, Angie's List, Radio/TV…
VP of Vitt Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. Offers Insight Into EPA’s R-22 Phaseout.
In response to the EPA's proposed final phaseout of R-22, a key refrigerant used in HVAC systems, Jeffrey Vitt of Vitt Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. explains how his industry will be affected.
Tips for a Successful Annual Inventory Count.
By Jason Bader -Managing Partner The Distribution Team
It’s that time of year again. The leaves have turned. The NFL is in full swing. The political season has come to a close. And, the dreaded annual inventory count is on the horizon.

HVAC Air Filter Leader Camfil Shows Air Quality Deteriorating in Cities Across the Globe.
By Lynne Laake - Camfil
As outdoor air quality worsens, risk of indoor air rises, too, raising alarm -- and calls for action. Advances in air filtration can help address the problem.
Rejection is part of HVAC sales.
All HVAC sales people experience rejection. There might be a time where a Mechanical/HVAC/Refrigeration contact will not be interested in your product or services. You must learn to accept rejection and turn these types of calls into a positive action item.
Is your ventilation system eating your profits?
For far too many companies, their ventilation system has just two settings: On and Off. And if the "On" position is badly calibrated, or is designed badly, you might as well be standing in front of an open window and throw cash out into the street.
The Perks of Hiring Independent Sales Representatives
By Brian Creager

Whether you like it or not, sales is the primary force that drives revenue. Having a team of motivated and thriving salespersons is thus a major contributory factor on the profitability and stability of your business.
8 HVAC Apps You Need for Your Business.
By Arzel® Zoning Technology, Inc
Last year, we wrote a post on top apps for your HVAC business. Since then, iTunes and Google Play have exploded with new apps for the HVAC industry. This time around, we expanded our list of apps to showcase those which help boost productivity, serve as a technician resource tool along with those which educate consumers and those looking for a career in HVAC.

Green Everything
By George Lanthier
I don’t know about you but sometimes I get fed up with hearing about the whole ‘green’ thing. Green cars, green houses, green fuel, green everything. What’s sad is that this is really nothing new, it’s just recycled stuff from the 1970s with a new buzz word to sell more of us on conservation and energy savings.


Plumbing vs. HVAC
By Christopher F. Hawthorne CPCU, CRIS, CIC, LIA
It may seem obvious to those in the business that plumbing, heating, ventilation, cooling that the trades have many variations. Yet to many outside of the industry it is not that clear. 


Tracking Service Calls at an HVAC Company Can Be a Daunting Task.  By Thomas Persha Hawthorne
Tracking service calls at an HVAC company can be a daunting task. If the company has an extensive customer base and a large number of service technicians the volume of working being scheduled on the phones can be enormous.


Alternative Sources of Small Business Capital
By Dan Hawthorne

Last month’s article mentioned the contraction in credit card limits and the resulting need to ensure that you have access to other sources of credit. Putting a great big exclamation point on the magnitude of the contraction in credit card limits, a recent article in Barron’s reported the biggest-ever drop on record in consumer credit in the third quarter of 2009. 


Workers Compensation Essentials
By Christopher F. Hawthorne CPCU, CRIS, CIC, LIA
While the subject of insurance typically is one of business owner’s least favorite subjects, the issue of Workers Compensation and Employers Liability coverage (WC) can stand alone as an irritant. Like a F550 coming at you, WC gets your attention.



Will Adding a Service Tech Make You More or Less Money?
Tom Grandy, president Grandy & Associates
When you first got into business you probably thought there was a direct relationship between growth and profit. The thinking was “If I do more work I will make more money. Therefore, if I do a lot more work I will make a lot more money.” Well if you have been around for a number of years you have learned that the above principle doesn’t always hold true.



Too Small For Supply Chain Management?
By Jack McGowan, MCA Associates
For the past ten to fifteen years, you may have read about Fortune 500 companies undertaking Supply Chain Management (SCM) initiatives. Business publications are constantly reporting on the successes – the improved profitability, the reduction in operating expense and the better utilization of inventory.



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