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Northeast HVAC News

S. Williston Sales is now representing Aeroex Technologies HEPA Air Purifier Solutions.

HVAC Manufacturers’ Representative, S. Williston Sales will represent Aeroex Technologies HEPA Air Purifier Solutions in New England and upstate New York.

Products represented include IRIS HEPA Medical Grade Air Purification systems for the HVAC and related commercial and medical industries.

For more than 25 years, Aeroex Technologies has been a Canadian market leader in developing and manufacturing Mist Collectors for the  metalworking industries but also other industries that generate fugitive mists. When Aeroex was first established, they provided services based  around oil; coolant to oil cleaning, industrial wastewater treatment, and air cleaning. Over time, the company found a large focus on air
filtration, which is now their only specialty.

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As Covid-19 spreads across the globe and HEPA air filtration reaches more awareness, Aeroex has introduced 4 models of their IRIS HEPA Medical Grade Air Purification systems for the HVAC and related commercial and medical industries. Each unit can be modified with add-on's such as wheels, wall mounts, medical/dental isolation, etc.

Featured Product: IRIS HEPA Air Purifiers for the Classroom

About S. Williston Sales
Over the years, S. Williston Sales has perfected a selling approach building trusted relationships between our company and the manufacturers we represent. Distributors rely on us as a valued resource as we solve challenges through innovative and cost effective solutions.  View current Linecard.

About Aeroex Technologies
AEROEX offers a wide range of single room portable solutions and/or centralized mechanical room/ceiling installs to service multiple rooms to optimize IAQ to that of Medical Grade standard.  Our goal at AEROEX is to assist business, institutions and recreational facilities alike to address the central tenets of the best HVAC practices of whole space PPE, where we recognize we cannot always maintain/avoid:

       Physical Distancing, Physical Distancing, Confined Spaces & Time Exposure

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