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Northeast HVAC News

The New England Support Team (N.E.S.T.) Needs You!
A Non-Profit Organization Helping Neighbors

Come be part of something bigger than yourself! N.E.S.T is bringing hope to those who have lost everything through natural disasters in our country. This non-profit organization was formed a year ago. The plan was to provide first-responder service
of HVAC, plumbing and heating services to those in need. Members are dispatched to
help in their neighborhood.

The Mission Statement: Contractors for America People Who Care.

24/7 we are at the mercy of the elements - never knowing when fire, flood, tornado or earthquake may strike. For Americans who have lost their homes, discouragement sets in as they wait on government response, fall victim to unqualified individuals or price gouging. Be Your Best & Join the N.E.S.T. Use your skills to help your neighbors!

Join New England Support Team. Your cost? $0-only your support.

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The New England Support Team is pooling together contractors from all over country; organizing regional support teams of licensed professionals in localities where disaster have struck.

Together they develop a strategy to help Americans rebuild their homes and lives. Wholesale distributor F.W. Webb has joined the cause and are a major sponsor.
HVAC Web Connection is also a sponsor.

One example of how N.E.S.T. members help. Board member George D’Astous received
a call recently for help with a disaster that occurred in Lawrence MA. On September 13 ,
2018, excessive pressure in natural gas lines owned by Columbia Gas caused a series of explosions and fires occurred in as many as 40 homes, with over 80 individual fires, in the Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts towns of Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover.

Restoration of gas service to the 8,600 affected customers requires replacement of about 48 miles of gas pipeline, which Columbia gas expected to accomplish by November 19, 2018. The company started hiring about 200 temporary workers for the recovery effort.

NEST is working to build resources and membership to assist in causes like this one.
They need help from you!

Board Directors at the New England Support Team are;

Jim Moran of M.J. Moran Inc.;
George D’Astous, D’Astous Plumbing & Heating;
Jim Sobon, O’Connell Oil & Associates;
Eric Demers, F.W. Webb
Paul Graham, Paul’s Plumbing & Heating.

For more information and how you can help, visit their web site at or email




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