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Northeast HVAC News

Winsupply opens four new companies in the Northeast and Mid-South.

Winsupply Inc., one of the largest distributors in the nation, has opened four new wholesale distribution locations in Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts and Tennessee, totaling nine new companies opened so far in 2017.

The new companies include:

• Winsupply of Beltsville, Md., plumbing, president, Ralph Baker
• Winsupply of Boston, plumbing and HVAC, president, William Berberan
• Winsupply of East Nashville, Tenn., HVAC, president, Robert Reimer
• Winsupply of Presque Isle, Maine, plumbing and HVAC, president, Aaron Hoard

The four presidents are experienced individuals in their respective industry, plumbing and/or heating, ventilation and air conditioning. All have been groomed within the Winsupply organization to lead and own their own company under the Winsupply
co-ownership business model.

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“We are actively executing a key piece of our growth strategy at Winsupply in opening these new companies and with plans for the opening of more companies this year,” said Roland Gordon, president and chief executive officer, Winsupply Inc. “The Atlantic region and Nashville are attractive areas as we identify potential markets for growth. The four individuals who will lead these companies are industry veterans with leadership skills. They’ll have the autonomy to best serve their customers with the equipment and supplies they need in their respective regions.”

In the Winsupply co-ownership business model, local Winsupply companies have the local decision-making authority and flexibility to decide how best to meet the needs of their customers including carrying product lines unique to a geographical region. Winsupply provides the local company with centralized support, allowing its team to focus on its customers, local markets and products.

About Winsupply Inc.
Winsupply Inc. ( is a leading supplier of residential and commercial construction and industrial supplies and equipment headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. The privately-held company has more than 580 wholesaling locations in 45 states and offers entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to own a meaningful part of the local business. Collectively, Winsupply is known as “The Winsupply Family of Companies” and includes Win-branded locations, Noland Company, Carr Supply, Security Plumbing & Heating Supply, Wyatt Irrigation and Electrical Sales, Inc. In the family are companies conducting business-to-business wholesale distribution of supplies and equipment in plumbing; hydronics; pipe, valves and fittings; HVAC and refrigeration; electrical; fastening hardware; waterworks and utility; pumps; turf irrigation and landscape; and fire system fabrication. Follow Winsupply on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.




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