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Northeast HVAC News


Combining InSIGHT® Plus and iManifold® System data saves HVAC/R technician’s time and improves accuracy.

North Park Innovations Group, the manufacturer of the iManifold® platform, which includes iConnect,® is now partnering with Bacharach, a leading manufacturer of refrigerant and gas leak detection, monitoring instruments and data solutions, and combustion and emissions analyzers. North Park Innovations will incorporate data from the Bacharach INSIGHT® Plus Combustion Analyzer into the iManifold® cloud reporting platform.

The INSIGHT Plus Combustion Analyzer collects combustion measurement data, such as oxygen and CO2 concentrations, efficiency, temperature, draft and pressures, from boilers, furnaces and other heating devices. This data can now be automatically populated into the iManifold cloud reporting platform.

“We are pleased to be working with the iManifold team to expand support and create quick solutions for our mutual HVAC/R customers,” says Barry Phillips, VP of Sales and Marketing of Bacharach. “The ability of the iManifold cloud reporting platform to upload the combustion analytics data directly from the QR code on the Plus combustion analyzer provides the contractor with another tool to showcase the before and after condition of the heating system they are servicing to their customers.”

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The iManifold platform, which includes the iConnect, probes, the app, cloud reporting and storage, is the award-winning wireless digital manifold system that supports more accurate measurements and precision diagnostics to improve HVAC/R maintenance and installation.

“We are honored to be working with Bacharach’s high-quality combustion analyzers. Our goals are to eliminate contractor’s call-backs, which can be costly, and to support the HVAC/R field technicians with quality maintenance and installations,” states Bill Northrup, CEO of North Park Innovations. Northrup further states, “We plan to incorporate Bacharach’s INSIGHT Plus in our popular virtual iManifold training classes as early as this summer. The alliance with Bacharach, as a global leader in combustion and analysis, is a great addition to the power of our iManifold system.”

About North Park Innovations Group, Inc.
North Park Innovations Group, Inc. introduced the iManifold, a revolutionary, award-winning digital manifold. The iManifold platform allows HVAC contractors to more accurately and quickly read data and diagnose system issues, while providing suggestions on how to fix problems. The iManifold also comes with a free app that includes basic reporting. Additional reporting and other features are offered with the purchase of a monthly or yearly iManifold iCloud subscription for easy sharing, better connectivity, and custom reporting options for greater accuracy.
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About Bacharach
Bacharach products make the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration industries safer, cleaner, and more energy efficient. Bacharach is a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of gas detection data solutions, monitoring and analysis instrumentation. Operating for over 100 years, with headquarters located in Pittsburgh, PA and manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Canada, Ireland, and England, Bacharach also continues to expand its fixed and portable product portfolio and global market presence to design, deliver and service high quality gas measurement and monitoring solutions. These solutions will increase productivity, reduce costs, and protect lives and the environment. The company’s core applications are chiller plants, supermarkets & food retail, food and beverage processing, residential and commercial heating and cooling, government HVAC & R, conditioned occupied spaces, refrigerated storage, white goods manufacturing, boilers & generators, industrial appliances, commercial & industrial plants, power generation engines, commercial refrigeration and data rooms.
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