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Northeast HVAC News

Crosstown Plumbing Supply Helps to Save Energy with Efficient Water Heaters.
Crosstown Plumbing Supply has an extensive stock of plumbing supplies, including energy efficient tankless water heaters.


For almost three decades, Crosstown Plumbing Supply has been northern NJs go-to supplier for contractors, professionals, and consumers. The fully stocked New Jersey plumbing supply store has a wide selection of supplies for every type of job.

Tankless water heaters are highly-efficient and provide on-demand hot water. Operating costs are typically much lower than traditional tank based systems and can provide flow rates suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The compact design saves space, without diminishing quality.

Additionally, Crosstown Plumbing Supply in NJ carries an extensive line of hybrid electric hot water heaters that includes most major manufacturers. They are designed to be ecofriendly while providing hot water instantly. These hybrid systems use heat pump technology to achieve efficiencies that can cut water heating bills in half.

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With over 25 years of experience serving the New Jersey area, the experts at Crosstown Plumbing are known for their trusted advice and professional service. The increased availability of energy-efficient water heaters is helping New Jersey homeowners cut bill expense and reduce their footprint.

Located in a 3.5% tax zone, Crosstown Plumbing Supply offers a wide-variety of state-of-the-art heating systems that will fulfill any needs and budget.

About Crosstown Plumbing Supply
Crosstown Plumbing Supply is a fully stocked plumbing supply store in New Jersey serving both consumers and professionals.

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