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Northeast HVAC News

Aeroseal Partners with Eclectic  & Gas Industries Association.


Aeroseal and the non-profit Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) today announced a partnership that will provide building contractors with easy access to tools and business training essential for business success.

Under the partnership, Aeroseal contractors will receive a discount on EGIA membership and EGIA member contractors will receive discounts on the purchase of Aeroseal duct sealing systems. In addition, both Aeroseal and EGIA will actively participate in each other organization’s key events including conferences, webinars and workshops.

As part of the partnership, membership discounts and other benefits will also be extended between EGIA and members of Comfort Institute (CI), an expert training organization for home and duct performance. Among other shared benefits, EGIA members will be offered Comfort Institute regional training classes and Aeroseal/ Comfort Institute contractors will have access to in-depth business operational training delivered through EGIA’s Contractor University.

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“As a non-profit organization, we are able to offer a uniquely affordable and valuepacked
training program that provides building contractors with the business skills
needed to meet the challenges of a changing industry,” said Bruce Matulich, CEO &
Executive Director of EGIA. “Add to this, the home performance best practice training
provided by Comfort Institute, and contractors have a real roadmap to success.”

“This partnership represents a real opportunity for building contractors looking for
competitive advantages,” said Bryan Barnes, Aeroseal’s senior director of business
development. “In a business environment where old strategies are no longer enough, the
Aeroseal / Comfort Institute / EGIA alliance holds the key to success. From technology
discounts to business management training to energy efficiency education, the shared
benefits of these organizations hold the key to business security and growth in the years

For more information on the EGIA / Aeroseal partnership, contact Aeroseal at (877) 959-
4496 or call EGIA at (866) 367-3442.

About Aeroseal
Aeroseal is the sole owner and licensee of Aeroseal duct sealing technology and
Aerobarrier envelope sealing technology, innovations that are changing the way
residential and commercial contractors meet building code requirements and improve
building performance including energy savings, improved indoor air quality, and
comfort. Aeroseal has a network of over 700 contractors worldwide offering services in
the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Aeroseal is also the parent company of
Comfort Institute, a leading organization focused on training and supporting contractors
in home performance best practices. Learn more about Aeroseal at

About EGIA
EGIA is a nonprofit organization that empowers energy efficiency and renewable energy
contractors to get the most out of their businesses through industry-leading training,
financing and marketplace solutions. EGIA Contractor University offers access to the
industry’s most recognized trainers, who deliver innovative keys to success through in personworkshops, conferences and webinars. GEOSmart Financing Clearinghouse,
which has facilitated financing for 200,000+ residential and business projects valued at
over $2 billion, provides contractors with a best-in-class suite of financing options. EGIA
Contractor Marketplace brings together some of the most in-demand vendors and
products in the industry at exclusive pricing. Learn more about EGIA at




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