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Northeast HVAC News

Setra Systems Introduces the Power Squad 24.
The Most Versatile Multi-Circuit Power Meter in the Industry.


Setra Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer and designer of environmental sensors, announces the release of the Power Squad 24, a Multi Circuit Power and Energy Meter for Energy Management programs. The Power Squad 24 is the industry’s most versatile branch circuit meter to date, offering interchangeability of Rogowski Coil CT’s and Standard CT’s, as well as multiple field selectable communication protocols in the same device (BACnet/Modbus/Pulse). The Setra Power Squad 24 allows for the integration of energy monitoring into building automation systems (BAS), switchgear, renewable energy systems and data centers.

Flexibility, Reliability and Performance for Every Contractor
The Power Squad 24 provides the flexibility to monitor up to 24-single phase circuits or
8-three phase circuits and has the ability to mix and match single, split and three phase
requirements on the same meter. The Power Squad 24 also allows for field selection of CT type and communication protocol, providing a contractor with the flexibility to make any last minute adjustments to ensure they have correct instrument for any job. The installation savings and 5-year product warranty make the Power Squad 24 the ideal product for any contractor looking to save time on installation and unnecessary call backs.

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Rogowski and CT Compatible
The Power Squad 24 works with either Rogowski Coil “flex” CTs or conventional split-core CTs. The ability to have interchangeable CTs gives added flexibility for last minute changes at the job site. All Setra CTs are internally shunted and carry either UL or ETL certification as well as the CE Mark. Every Power Squad 24 is embedded with the necessary amplifier/ integrator circuitry for Rogowski coil CTs—eliminating the need to provide external power.

Easily Configure Meter from Anywhere Through USB
Using the Power Squad 24 HeadStart software, power and configure the meter through your computer’s USB port. While other meters require configuration in a live enclosure, the Power Squad 24 can be easily configured outside of the panel, eliminating the risk of arc flash. HeadStart can save meter settings, allowing the installer to clone meter profiles quickly and easily.

Field Selectable Communications
Each Power Squad 24 comes with a field selectable Modbus or BACnet communication. Communications interface to the Power Squad 24 is through either an RS-485 serial connection (BACnet MS/TP / Modbus) or over Ethernet (BACnet IP/Modbus TCP). There is no need for communication cards since every meter comes with BACnet and Modbus included.

Line Powered from 80-600V
The Power Squad 24 series instruments are line-powered and do not require external power. Its power supply can accommodate service voltages ranging from 80-600V (phase-to-phase).

About Setra Systems
Setra Systems, Inc. is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of high accuracy electronic instruments that measures pressure, power, current, humidity/temperature, acceleration and weight, and very low-pressure and documenting calibrators.
For more information on Setra products, contact Setra Systems, Inc.159 Swanson Road, Boxborough, MA 01719; call 1-800-257-3872 or e-mail:




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