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Northeast HVAC News

HVAC Smart Supply to launch new website and some great deals for contractors in January.


HVAC Smart Supply is well known for its energy saving products in the United States. Company's products are becoming contractors' hot favorite, as these products are user friendly and they also comply with federal and state codes. Now, the company is all set to launch their new world class website in January. This site will display some exclusive offers like “Product of the Month” and “Deal of the Week” for contractors.

Company plans to offer great deals on their new website

Most of HVAC Smart Supply's products comply with Federal and state government's codes. So, not just customers, but even contractors are blindly putting their trust on these products as far as safety, performance, and value for money is concerned.

In order to better serve contractors, HVAC Smart Supply is all set to launch their new website in January. The company will also use this website to offer some exclusively promotional offers like “Product of the Month” and “Deal of the Week.”

Some of the recently launched products are fast gaining popularity

HVAC Smart Supply recently made it in headlines due to positive contractors’ reviews for plumbing and commercial refrigeration related products like Aqua Smart Tou, Aqua Smart Res, and HVAC Smart 6™. Here are some details about these products.

Aqua Smart Tou
There are very few trust-worthy solutions that can help power companies to manage peak load, and customers' power usage. Aqua Smart Tou is one of them. This system also helps solar companies, electric co-operatives by allowing them to control and regulate residential water heaters.

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HVAC Smart 6™
HVAC Smart 6™ is popularly used by hotels, senior living centers, residential societies, nursing homes, schools, and even government offices. HVAC Smart 6™ helps in drastically reducing power bills. The system reduces power bill by simply controlling the ventilation fan, compressor in air conditioning systems, and certain heating elements in heaters.

Aqua Smart- Res
Adjusting water heater's temperature with the help of thermostat dials can prove to be complicated, time consuming, and inconvenient. Thanks to Aqua Smart- RES, home owners do not have to remove water heater's access panel in-order to change heater's temperature. All that they need to do is install Aqua Smart system on residential water heater. This system allows home owners to remotely control the water temperature inside the heater.

Aqua Smart system's wireless remote control works within 100 feet range from heater. Thanks to this product, home owners across the United States are saving hundreds of dollars in their power bill each month. For more information about these products, contact your local HVAC Smart Supply product supplier or contractor.

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