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Northeast HVAC News

Green Equipment Options Now Has Twisted Green Ideas For Maximizing Geothermal Drilling.
New geothermal piping product tackles space and cost issues of geothermal.


The two major hurdles for a residential or commercial geothermal HVAC installation are cost and loop drilling space. One interesting product called the Twister (patent pending) is a twisted pipe system created for vertical bore heat exchanger technology. To lower the costs of geothermal HVAC installations and increase efficiency this new product allows the concurrent installation of four loops in a single vertical bore. Twister also takes greater advantage of heat transfer and heat capacity of the soil. It means less cost for the residential or commercial geothermal installation.

The Twister’s four loops in a single bore can also reduce the depth of the vertical boreholes; this is helpful in some of the more densely populated areas. An example of a geothermal installation could call for 10 kW of thermal capacity or three tons which can mean three 300 foot vertical boreholes. As in any geothermal job drilling the boreholes make up a substantial portion of the job costs. Reduced costs mean increased profit or ability to lower costs for the contractor that they can pass onto the consumer.

The Bergen County, NJ firm, Agreenability, the innovator of TWISTER (Twisted Pipe – Patent pending) has chosen Green Equipment Options, Inc. to be their west coast distributor for products. Their focus is to attack the cost and space issues associated with geothermal installations and components for geothermal heat pumps.

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Here comes the Twister

Rob Jensen, President and CEO of Agreenability, explains that Antonio Poccia, from Perfection HVAC installation company swears by TWISTER and is Agreenabilities biggest fan. Perfection Contracting consists of HVAC installation, plumbing, and service and repair, but his main business is geothermal, so they are always on the lookout for savings when it comes to geothermal installations. One example, at a "Non" residence in Paramus, N.J., Perfection installed a 5-ton geothermal system retrofit where the crew drilled only two 300-ft. bores.

There is a potential to reduce drilling costs as much as 30% with TWISTER. The lower the installation costs the faster the payback.

Development of TWISTER was conducted over 2 ½ years. Studies were done in an in-situ borehole test to evaluate and compare the thermal responses of the TWISTER design and a standard 1¼" HDPE single loop well completion.

TWISTER uses ¾" ASTM D3035/D3350 Cell Classification 445574C SDR 11 or 13.5 HDPE (IGSHPA Requirement) pipe spirally wound around a central 2" pipe used to guide the Tremie pipe. It is delivered on reels or in coils, and factory prepared u-bend fittings means that Twisted pipe heat exchangers can be slipped down the hole like a conventional u-bend loop. As a result, there is no extra fieldwork to install Twisted pipe systems. Twisted pipe geothermal heat exchangers uses pipe that conforms to ASTM D3035 (sizing) and meets or exceeds material requirements of ASTM D3350 with a Cell Classification of 445574C; meeting or exceeding IGSHPA manuals requirements.

Agreenability is a "green" company headquartered at the Business Accelerator at Bergen Community College in New Jersey.

Green Equipment Options, Inc. is a geothermal wholesaler in the northern California area and the TWISTED pipe is a great option for installation companies to use to reduce the drilling costs.



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