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Northeast HVAC News

ecobee partners with Electricity Maine and Thayer Corporation for energy saving project with Efficiency Maine .
One-year pilot project provides Maine businesses with latest Wi-Fi connected thermostats to better manage energy use.


ecobee Inc., the makers of Wi-Fi connected Energy Management System Si (EMS Si), announced a new partnership with Electricity Maine and Thayer Corporation to execute a pilot project as part of the Efficiency Maine Innovation Program. In a first-of-its-kind project, select small-to-medium businesses (SMB) in Maine will be provided with an ecobee EMS Si, at no cost, so they can better manage their energy consumption, which in turn will reduce their cost of operations.

Electricity Maine will select Maine businesses to pilot the project and Thayer Corporation will install EMS Si in those local companies. Using ecobee’s proprietary DataRhythm TechnologyTM, the thermostat will track real-time information related to occupancy schedules, building performance, HVAC system run times and local weather conditions in order to optimize for energy efficiency. The companies will also be able to view energy usage data and reports to better understand and manage their organization’s energy consumption.

“Being selected for this pilot project will show SMBs how they can improve operations by using an energy management system like ours,” said Stuart Lombard, President & CEO, ecobee. “We know participants will not only achieve significant energy savings with ecobee EMS Si, but they’ll find it much easier to manage their HVAC system and improve overall efficiencies, positively impacting their bottom line.”

The EMS Si also offers advanced monitoring and reporting so companies will have remote visibility into their system’s performance, making the management of multiple locations easier and cost efficient. If there is an HVAC problem, automatic alerts will be sent to their secure ecobee Web Portal or smartphone app so problems can be identified and resolved quickly. Businesses will also have the choice to add automation to their system. Automation, for example, can control temperature settings when a door is left open, or to receive alerts if an area of the commercial property, like a freezer, isn’t at the correct temperature.

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“We’re excited to work with ecobee and their partners on a promising pilot that has the potential to provide companies with useful data to help them better manage their energy needs,” said Michael Stoddard, Executive Director, Efficiency Maine. “When businesses are more keenly aware of their energy consumption and patterns, they can make better operational, staffing, and capital investment decisions.”

Electricity Maine has been added to the growing list of other ecobee energy and utility partners including Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric, National Grid, Austin Energy, Just Energy, Milton Hydro, Taylor Electric and Avista.

To learn more about ecobee’s utility solutions, visit To learn more about ecobee's residential solutions, visit

About ecobee

ecobee delivers intelligent energy management solutions. Installed in homes and businesses across North America, the ecobee Open Energy Management Platform is the easiest way for residential and commercial customers to understand, manage and reduce their energy consumption. Servicing both the Utility and HVAC markets, ecobee’s line of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, online web portals and smartphone apps are the products of choice for ease of use, energy efficiency and demand response programs.

About Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine is an independent trust dedicated to promoting the efficient and cost-effective use of energy in order to save money for Maine residents and businesses, grow the economy, and create jobs. Efficiency Maine’s energy-saving programs reduce the use of electricity and heating fuels through energy efficiency improvements and the use of cost-effective alternative energy. Efficiency Maine’s programs deliver Maine’s lowest-cost energy resource through a combination of technical assistance, cost-sharing, training, education and awareness programs.

About Electricity Maine

A Maine-owned company, Electricity Maine provides competitive electricity rates to Maine’s small and medium-size businesses, while supporting the local economy through purchasing the majority of its business services from Maine companies and creating quality jobs for local people.




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