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Northeast HVAC News Guest Column

Is your ventilation system eating your profits?.

For far too many companies, their ventilation system has just two settings: On and Off. And if the "On" position is badly calibrated, or is designed badly, you might as well be standing in front of an open window and throw cash out into the street.

While hurling cash at the general public may make you incredibly popular in the short term (and be warned that you really shouldn't throw coins due to the obvious health and safety concerns), you'll soon become aware that the supply of ready cash that you put aside for ventilation and/or throwing at people will run out very quickly.

Unfortunately, working space ventilation if often a low priority for many companies, and they tend not to address problems unless something has gone wrong. A ventilation system that has running costs well above budget is often ignored, despite the fact that it might well be eating a sizeable hole in your profits.

Wasting energy is really, really easy. Saving it needn't be difficult, however.
If you genuinely have money to burn, all you've got to do is leave a few lights on overnight, as well as all the computer screens in your office, with the heating turned up full when there's nobody to get the benefit.

On the other hand, if you haven't got some mad death wish and would very much like to safeguard your job and those of the people you employ, a simply energy management policy is what you'll most certainly need.

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Obviously, you don't want to be like somebody on a crash weight-loss diet, doing away with every comfort in the dash to trim your energy bills. Plunging workplaces into freezing cold wells of darkness is just as bad as the problem you are trying to eliminate. Besides, cold staff in gloomy workplaces are more likely to mutiny, and mutiny is messy.

There are easy steps to make in a decent energy policy. Movement detecting light switches are an investment that pay for themselves relatively quickly, as is a properly optimized air conditioning system. However, the biggest way to save cash is through your own staff.

If you look at a major company like McDonalds, they employ nearly 90,000 people in the UK, all of whom are trained in energy efficiency. Not only are they taught ways of working that save on energy bills, but they are also rewarded for coming up with ideas that benefit the company.

Everybody's involved in saving energy bills in the corporate environment. While managers concentrate on the large things such as the quietly efficient HVAC unit staff can buy into the idea, resulting in both loyalty and increased profits.


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