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Northeast HVAC News Guest Column

Rejection is part of HVAC sales.

All HVAC sales people experience rejection. There might be a time where a Mechanical/HVAC/Refrigeration contact will not be interested in your product or services. You must learn to accept rejection and turn these types of calls into a positive action item.

Dealing with rejection is the nature of the beast in HVAC cold calling. Telemarketing is a numbers game and you might have to dial several calls and get several "No's" before reaching that business that has a need or interest in your product or services and sets an appointment or completes a sale. Learn not to take rejection personally, after all it is only business.

Changing your method of communication might give your HVAC marketing campaign a boost. If the normal marketing practice is telephone calls only, add an email marketing program that gives contacts an opportunity to respond to you on their schedule.

Sometimes clients are busy at the time of the call and the quickest answer is going to be "I am not interested" just to get you off the phone. Be mindful of their business hours and sales processes. You would never want to reach out to a restaurant during their lunch rush and the same thinking goes towards other businesses.

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Using common objections and rebuttals to modify your marketing approach can boost overall results and allow you to become more personable with future prospects. Think outside of the box. Add another Refrigeration/Mechanical/HVAC marketing process to your program. Maybe on Monday afternoons, you make scheduled stops to 20 new companies in your service area that should have a need for your products or services and build your rapport by a personal greeting before a sales call.

Any seasoned HVAC sales person that has been in the business for any length of time knows that we all have experienced rejection at some point in our HVAC sales career. It is what you do with the rejection that can make or break a successful marketing campaign.

Our marketing programs include a program outline that provides common objections and how to respond. We act as your inside sales team allowing you to boost revenue with new long term maintenance agreements and business clients.

Contact us for details on your next marketing program (888)443-5247.

HVACInsideSales provides cold calling and appointment setting services for companies that are seeking new commercial maintenance agreements.     




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