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Northeast HVAC News Guest Column

8 HVAC Apps You Need for Your Business.
By Arzel® Zoning Technology, Inc

Last year, we wrote a post on top apps for your HVAC business. Since then, iTunes and Google Play have exploded with new apps for the HVAC industry.

This time around, we expanded our list of apps to showcase those which help boost productivity, serve as a technician resource tool along with those which educate consumers and those looking for a career in HVAC.

1.HVAC Showroom

HVAC Showroom for iPads is designed to inform and educate today’s consumers about the features and benefits of different HVAC technologies and products for residential homes. It does this by using multi-media animations and visuals to demonstrate how different technologies and products actually work. The app also compares the operating costs across different fuel types for your customer.

2.HVAC Professional

This iPad app includes all 200 formulas of the HVAC Formulator and adds 18 charts, as well as the complete International Mechanical Code. It includes charts covering everything from Chimney Clearance to Refrigerant Classification. Sections include: Air Change, Airside, Boilers, BTU Conversions, Ductwork, Energy Values, Heating Design, Heating Requirements, Humidity, Loads, Pumps, Steam, Temperature, Waterside Systems, Conversions and Area Calculations. Heating Design calculations include formulas such as: electric heating calculations, electric baseboard, Heat Tracing Cable, Gas Fired Radiant Ceiling formulas.

HVAC Professional provides an easy was to quickly find what you need as you are able to search, mark formulas as favorites, or access recently used formulas. You can also save formula results and e-mail them directly from the app.

3.EzyZone: System Design App

The only iPad and Android app available for HVAC zoning makes system design simple and quick. The app helps contractors select the right product for residential applications and generates a bill of materials based upon selected equipment details, duct work sizing and access to runs. An estimated labor time is given for each part and can be adjusted by the contractor based on application specifications. EzyZone gives the contractor a comfort plan that can be shared with a homeowner customer displaying the number of zones suggested and a quote for the system and labor.

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4.HVAC Flashcards

HVAC Flashcards for Android and Apple phones and tablets help prepare users for common HVAC exam questions. The app uses games including matching, memorize and quiz along with a built-in spaced repetition scheme, to help with memorization.

5.Contractor Forms

This iPad app gives you access to the most commonly used forms within the construction industry. Contractors and service technicians are able to complete paperwork in the field for rapid distribution to all necessary personnel to minimize delays, reduce conflicts, monitor project changes and save time and paper.

You are able to add your company logo and letterhead to customize each of the templates. An email features automatically creates PDF copies for all the forms and you are able to use your finger as a pen to sign any forms which require a signature.

6.FieldMatic Mobile

A cloud based application for field service companies, helps manage, dispatch and track service orders in real time. The flexible pricing model based on number of technicians allows companies to start using the software without incurring any upfront capital investment.

The accompanying mobile application allows technicians to access service order details in real time from the field. The real time push notification provides instant notifications to technicians about new or updated service orders and gives directions using Maps and GPS. The application also features adding parts and service details to a service order, capturing signature, creating and emailing invoices right from the iPhone App.

7.Genteq E-Lab Training

Available for iPad and iPhone, Genteq's e•Lab training courses are perfect for technicians, service managers, distributors and manufacturer reps. You can stream Genteq training videos to learn how to install, service, and maintain ECM motors. The app also has tutorials for OEM products. The knowledge gained from e-lab is beneficial to technicians at all experience levels.

8.HVAC Psychormetric Chart

Interactive graphical psychormetric chart for iPad include both IP and SI units. You are able to plot HVAC and other psychormetric processes while out in the field, save the graphs and email results to a designated recipient. The app allows for various customization of the graphs and you are able to create an unlimited number of chart projects using reusable templates.

While browsing both iTunes and Google Play, I was impressed to see that many contractors have developed their own apps for their homeowner customers. Many give the customer the ability to schedule maintenance appointments from the app, access special offers or set reminders for replacing filters. Some also have an energy saving calculator to compare the homeowner's existing system with a new, high-efficiency system.

App development can be a serious investment, but they are proving to be a valuable extension of a product or company as an on-the-go resource for consumers and businesses alike.

What are apps you use in the field or in the office? Share your's below!

Learn more about Arzel's new app for iPad and Android tablets here.




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