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Northeast HVAC News Guest Column

The Perks of Hiring Independent Sales Representatives.
By Brian Creager

Whether you like it or not, sales is the primary force that drives revenue. Having a team of motivated and thriving salespersons is thus a major contributory factor on the profitability and stability of your business. Unfortunately, not all companies can afford a large-scale sales force especially for startup and small businesses. And even if they have the bucks to back it up, finding high-performing sales individuals is a challenge in itself. This is why more and more companies are resorting to hiring independent commissioned sales representatives to boost their income.

Savings generated.

With independent sales representatives, companies are practically hiring outsourced contractors to sell their products. These sales reps only receive a commission based on an agreed upon percentage rate of the selling price. They can only earn if they are able to sell a product, thus, the company do not pay them any regular salary. Independent sales contractors also do not expect any other benefits compared to a full-time regularly paid employee such as retirement or health insurance benefits. Taxes are also being shouldered and arranged by the commissioned sales rep himself. Hiring such personnel is also effective for those wanting to supplement their existing sales force without the risk of overspending or getting underachieving regular employees.

Performance driven.

Since independent sales representatives only rely on commissions, they have to possess the passion, motivation and effective selling techniques in order to earn. This job requires them to manage their time well, exhaust all their efforts and achieve a regular sales quota because if not, they might just as well choose a different career. However, even if this seems to be a required set of qualities for an independent sales rep, there are still those who do not understand and fail big time. This line of work is intended for those who have the determination and will to succeed and a company would be fortunate to have them on their team.

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Expansion covered

Most independent sales representatives are always on the go, traveling from one place to the next, finding prospects and closing deals. They spend long hours reaching markets that have not been explored. This allows any business the opportunity to expand into unknown territories and cater to new customers. Business owners can save up on travel expenses on salaried employees, costly business meetings and prevent huge losses due to failed expansions. Instead, they can hire an outsourced firm to handle such prospects with their top performing sales reps.

Experience established

If you are lucky enough to find an experienced independent sales representative, you are in for a very profitable treat. These individuals who have a solid, credible and successful background in this field will provide your company lots of advantages. They already have a steady base of contacts and networks to exhaust plus they already know how to play this competitive game. Training them won’t be much of a burden for management, hence, cutting on time, effort and money spent. Finding such established contractors will be tough but having them will lead to soaring results for your business.



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